Research has shown that there is a proven connection between dental care and your overall health, well beyond a visual and functional benefit. According to the Journal of Periodontology, in 2009–2012, 46% of US adults representing 64.7 million people had periodontitis (gum disease). The percentage increases to roughly 66% among adults 65 and over.  Now that we have established the fact that a significant portion of our population experiences periodontitis, it should be noted that a problem exists for you or someone you know.

JISP has previously reviewed many studies, several of those studies surpassing 20 years of research. They reinforced links between periodontal disease and heart disease and published a clear conclusion that a link does indeed exist in some capacity. In addition, the CDC notes that heart disease is the leading cause of death for people 65 or older.

Putting this all together means we can assume with many studies over the years that something as simple as dental care has the potential to greatly impact your health. We now know that it seems from the scientific evidence gathered so far that interventional periodontal care remains invaluable not only for oral health but for general health as well. Oral healthcare professionals have the capability to identify patients who are unaware of their risk of developing serious complications as a result of heart disease and who may need medical intervention.

As you turn 65, Medicare usually becomes your main healthcare coverage. To make matters worse, Medicare does not usually cover things like routine dental visits or x-rays. We are Ohio’s Medicare experts and have over 20 years of experience ensuring that you have the best coverage for the lowest cost. Whether it be questions regarding Medicare, or anyone potentially interested in learning about available dental plans, we are here to help.

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